SBMD Lab. @ MSE Department

Smart BioMaterials Design (SBMD) Lab
(스마트 생체재료 설계 연구실)

Smart Healthcare Materials
as Enabler of Future Technology


The SBMD Lab is an Academic Research Group based at POSTECH (MSE)

Our mission 1.

Smart Biomaterials Design to Build Biomaterial-based Novel Cell/Tissue Culture Platforms & Engineering Cell Culture Environments to Mimic the 3D Dynamic and Complex Nature of Tissues at the Biomaterial-Cell Interface

Our mission 2.

Development of Biomaterial-based Artificial Organ/Tissue Models for
Realizing Personalized Healthcare:
the Right Treatment
for the Right Patient

News & Updates

(2024.06.12) Geonwoo has received “Outstanding Poster Award” from GCIM 2024. Congrats!
(2024.05.31) Yeji has received “Best Poster Presentation Award” from WBC 2024. Congrats!
(2024.05.04) Yeji has received “Excellent Poster Award” from KTERMS 2024 Spring Meeting. Congrats!
(2023.11.16) The official designation of SBMD as a Laboratory of Excellence for Safety Management in the year 2023. Congrats!
(2023.09.22) Jihyeon has received “Excellent Poster Award” from 2023 Korean Society for Biomaterials Fall Meeting. Congrats!
(2023.09.04) Taehoon & DongGyu joined our group as graduates. Welcome!
(2023.06.06) Yeji has received “Outstanding Poster Award” from GCIM 2023. Congrats!
(2023.02.17) Suyeon, Yurim, RaeHui, & Junki joined our group. Welcome!
(2023.02.04) Bioactive Materials paper accepted!
(2022.11.08) Matter paper accepted!
(2022.09.01) Geonwoo & Geonho joined our group as graduates. Welcome!
(2022.02.25) Prof. Lee has received “INNOX Young Investigator Award” from The Division of Biomedical Polymers, The Polymer Society of Korea. Congrats!
(2022.02.21) Yeji joined our group. Welcome!
(2022.02.14) Jihyeon joined our group. Welcome!
(2021.11.05) Biofabrication paper accepted!
(2021.11.03) Nanoscale paper accepted!
(2021.09.01) SBMD Lab is now open & hiring!

Updated (2024/06/14)