SBMD Lab. @ MSE Department

Smart BioMaterials Design (SBMD) Lab
(스마트 생체재료 설계 연구실)

Smart Healthcare Materials
as Enabler of Future Technology

Welcome to SBMD Lab !

Our Lab has opened in 2021 Fall !!

We are looking for highly motivated new group members.
(postdoc, graduate, and undergraduate intern positions)
Please contact Prof. Junmin Lee (

(포스닥/대학원생/학부생 인턴 상시 모집중)


The SBMD Lab is an Academic Research Group based at POSTECH (MSE)

Our mission 1.

Smart Biomaterials Design to Build Biomaterial-based Novel Cell/Tissue Culture Platforms & Engineering Cell Culture Environments to Mimic the 3D Dynamic and Complex Nature of Tissues at the Biomaterial-Cell Interface

Our mission 2.

Development of Biomaterial-based Artificial Organ/Tissue Models for
Realizing Personalized Healthcare:
the Right Treatment
for the Right Patient

News & Updates

(2021.11.12) Small Methods Paper accepted!
(2021.11.05) Biofabrication Paper accepted!
(2021.11.03) Nanoscale Paper accepted!
(2021.09.08) Biomaterials Science Paper published!
(2021.09.01) SBMD Lab is now open & hiring

Updated (2021/11/12)